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Handcrafted, Natural, Vegan, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly!


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We have big plans to help our community and beyond by developing many more products that you can trust for you and your family, expanding our website, and eventually opening a brick and mortar shop in Louisville. You can help with as little as a $25 investment. This is a loan, not a donation!

BE A PART OF OUR STORY: Visit Summer Shade Soap Company’s KIVA loan page for info on how you can lend and support our mission! Every little bit helps and we appreciate everyone's support!!!


Summer Shade Soap Company makes handcrafted, natural, soaps, natural moisturizers, sea salt scrubs, beard wax, shampoo bars, organic lip balms, dog shampoo, natural laundry soap, natural dishwasher soap, natural bug spray and natural hand sanitizer. All of our products are natural and/or vegan, palm free, gluten free, sustainable and eco-friendly.  

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